Underbyte Productions Team
“We are the chosen in each family. There is one who seems called to find the ancestors. To put flesh on their bones and make them seem alive again. To tell the family story and to feel that somehow they know and approve…we are the storytellers."                                                           ~unknown

Our story begins while we were quite young. My brother’s and I have always had an interest in film making, especially my brothers. We’d film ourselves re-enacting scenes from famous movies, producing our own feature films, and just having fun. We came up with the name of our production company from our brother Jake’s British bulldog named Sarge. During World War II the British bulldog became synonymous with Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It became a national icon symbolizing determination, tenacity, pluck, and unrelenting courage in the face of a larger foe. Our grandfather who fought in World War II attended Yale University after the war and the bulldog is also Yale’s mascot, so the bulldog has been intertwined within our family for many years. We feel it best represents our family owned production company, not just for what it stands for, but for its intimate relationship with our family.


Jacob Gillen

Jacob Gillen is a Marketing Manager for Verizon Wireless, and Territory and District Media Lead (cinematography, social, and photography). He’s been doing Verizon internal video work for over five years.


Andrew Gillen

Andrew Gillen served in the United States Air Force from 2004-2008 and was relieved of duty with an Honorable Discharge. He currently works as a Firefighter Engineer and Emergency Medical Technician. He took two years of classes at Full Sail University on Filmmaking and Directing and recieved a Certificate in Media Communications from Full Sail University. He continues his education by taking online courses and seminars related to film and media communications.


Heather Andolina

Heather Andolina is a Historian, with a Master’s degree in History from Winthrop University. Her Master’s thesis was published under the title, Haunted by Grief: How Spiritualism Offered Comfort and Stability in the Tragic Life of Mary Lincoln. She also authored historical essays for a number of websites. She has extensive museum, archival, and curatorial experience. She has previously worked at the Cincinnati History Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio and the Wells Fargo Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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