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Vardy Valley/

Newman’s Ridge,tn

Located in Hancock County, Vardy Valley and Newman’s Ridge was one of the largest and most well-known Melungeon settlements. It was founded by Vardemon Collins and Shephard “Buck” Gibson in the early 1800s.

The Spanish colony of Santa Elena was founded in 1566. The archaeological site is located on Parris Island, SC and the history museum is located in downtown Beaufort, SC.
Captain Juan Pardo later that same year (1566-1567), took a group of 150 men and travelled up into the interior of North America, leaving five Spanish settlements. One of the origin theories of the Melungeon people is that they are
descended from deserters of Juan Pardo’s exhibition.

Santa Elena History Museum/ArchaeologicalSite, sc

Jamestown, Virginia

Exploring the intersections between Enslaved Africans, European indentured servants, and Indigenous People's in the Virginia Tidewater region.

Joara/Fort San Juan archeological site, NC

Located in Morganton, NC one of Juan Pardo’s settlements, Fort San Juan. Fort San Juan was founded in January of 1567 and was the first settlement. It lasted about eighteen months.

Roanoke Island/Bertie County, North Carolina

Discovering the truth about the Lost Colony of Roanoke and it's connection to the Melungeon people.

Big Stone Gap, VA

This is another location where the Melungeon people settled. It is the main host city to the Melungeon Heritage Association’s Unions. The MHA has their Union here every other year.

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