The Melungeons were a group of people who settled in parts of Northeastern Tennessee, Southeastern Kentucky, parts of Western Virginia and Western North Carolina. Scholars identified them as “Tri-racial isolates,” since they are believed to be descended from European, African, and Native American ancestors and lived in more isolated locations like the Appalachian and Blue Ridge mountains.

We collaborated with an awesome local business owner in Charleston South Carolina on a marketing campaign for his social media presence.

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Tariq Mix owner and founder of T-Mix Studios provides a glimpse into why he paints. When the doctors told him he wouldn't be able to run track competitively anymore he turned to his childhood love of painting to help him find his way.

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We collaborate with an awesome local business owner in Columbia South Carolina on short vids to help him improve his social media presence. If you live in the Southeast of the United States definitely come see Focus Customs for your cars needs!